Moon Phases


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The twelve moons of the year

“Most calendars keep track of the moon’s cycles. The cycles of the moon are often equated with the ages of the Goddess: waxing-Virgin, full-Mother, and waning-Crone. In Celtic mythology, each of the thirteen moons in a year has a particular significance. If you are a woman, you should be especially aware of the moon and her ways. Ideally a woman’s cycle should mirror the ebb and flow of the moon: ovulating and at the height of fertility when the moon is full and menstruating with the dark, new moon.

An Esbat is a Holy Day other than a Sabbath when Wiccan rituals are performed. They are held with Full Moons and sometimes with the New Moon as well as any other time a special observance is desired.”

– The Good Wiccan


“Intimately connected with the Goddess and power of the Full Moon, MOONSTONE is an excellent aid for use in Mother magic. MOONSTONE may also be used in divination rituals and to resolve disputes, promote peace and harmony, attract love, draw out intuition, support restful sleep, enhance feelings of youthfulness, bless and protect gardens, augment psychic powers, and reinforce dieting efforts.” – unknown
Other uses for moonstone include:
  • Weight Management
  • Angelic Contact and Communication
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Death or Transition: assisting with the process of dying and helping others to let go (rainbow moonstone)
  • Depression
  • Divination
  • Love
  • Menopause
  • Protection
  • Sleep
  • Travel